Senior Operations Manager
Senior Operations Manager

Senior Operations Managers manage the daily activities of a business and provide supervision and training to a team of employees to ensure business operations run efficiently and safely.

Senior Operations Managers are responsible for the effective and successful management of labor, productivity, quality control, and safety measures for a business. Senior Operations Managers mange, motivate, and inspire teams of employees. They provide direction and goals for process, equipment, and infrastructure improvements to improve reliability, efficiencies, and long-term costs. Senior Operations Managers implement strategic sustainability and energy efficiency initiatives for a business.

Senior Operations Managers may be responsible for marketplace performance, monitoring how the business is doing compared to others in the region. They identify gaps and develop tactics to improve overall business production and performance. Some Senior Operations Managers may be involved in understanding their customer's experience, pushing their teams to improve and enhance their interactions with customers. Others Senior Operations Managers may concentrate more on internal operations, improving processes, procedures, and equipment to maximize production.

Senior Operations Managers communicate regularly with other senior leaders on performance, operations, and key initiatives. They lead continuous improvement initiatives and participate in financial planning and budget management.

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