Real Estate Agent (with green building expertise)
Alternate Title: Real Estate Sales Agent, Real Estate Salesperson, Realtor, Realtor Associate, Sales Agent
Real Estate Agent (with green building expertise)

Real Estate Agents with green building expertise help clients purchase, rent, or sell property and they understand the market value and the features of energy efficient homes and buildings.

Real Estate Agents with green building expertise differentiate themselves from other real estate professionals by participating in trainings related to green building and energy efficiency practices. This additional expertise allows Real Estate Agents to help their clients identify the aspects of a home that enhance or detract from its efficient use of energy. They have knowledge of building features such as windows, insulation, and heating and cooling systems and they evaluate how these contribute to the building's energy consumption. They are also able to share and help interpret information from an energy audit that may have been previously done on the home.

A Real Estate Agent's green building expertise may help clients access new financing options, consider the total cost of home ownership, and maximize their comfort in their new home. For individuals looking to sell their home, a Real Estate Agent with green building expertise can help their client receive fair market value for already installed upgrades by ensuring that green building and energy efficient features are captured in the MLS listing and marketed correctly. Many of these professionals want to be on the leading edge of the growing energy efficiency trend and help their clients access the benefits of energy efficient homes.

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