Mechanical Engineer
Alternate Title: Application Engineer, Design Engineer, Design Maintenance Engineer, Equipment Engineer, Mechanical Design Engineer, Process Engineer, Product Engineer, Project Engineer, Test Engineer
Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineers research, design, develop, build, and test power-producing machines, such as electric generators, internal combustion engines, and steam and gas turbines, as well as power-using machines, such as heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration systems.

Mechanical Engineering is one of the broadest engineering fields. Mechanical Engineers design and oversee the manufacturing of many products ranging from medical devices to new batteries. Mechanical Engineers design other machines inside buildings such as elevators, escalators, and heating and cooling systems. They also design material-handling systems such as conveyor systems and automated transfer stations.

Mechanical Engineers are routinely responsible for the integration of sensors and controllers into machinery. Like other engineers, Mechanical Engineers use computers extensively. Computer technology helps Mechanical Engineers create and analyze designs, generate specifications for parts, run simulations, and test how a machine is likely to work and interact with connected systems. Mechanical Engineers, who specialize in heating and cooling systems, work to develop, design, and manufacture the systems that control temperature and humidity inside buildings. These Mechanical Engineers can impact the energy efficiency of buildings by designing high-performance heating and cooling systems.

Mechanical Engineers analyze problems to see how mechanical and thermal devices might help solve a particular problem; design or redesign devices or subsystems using analysis and computer-aided design; and investigate low performing equipment or equipment failures to recommend solutions. They follow a process to develop device prototypes, test the device's design, analyze the test results, and make design changes as needed. Mechanical Engineers can also oversee the manufacturing process for the devices.

Though no experience in needed to become a Mechanical Engineer, many companies seek candidates with some experience, which can be obtained through internships or similar opportunities.

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