Junior Engineer
Junior Engineer

Junior Engineers work under the direct supervision of an Engineer, providing design and development support for new building construction and retrofits, making calculations, preparing plans, and providing project reports.

Junior Engineers provide support to their supervisors throughout the design and development process. They make calculations and prepare project plans and progress reports. While the Junior Engineer’s responsibilities are more limited than those of a full engineer, this role provides an excellent opportunity for recent graduates or new professionals to gain valuable experience and hone their skills. Junior Engineers develop plans and make calculations for a variety of elements within an engineering project. They may draw blueprints and structural diagrams then submit them to their supervisor for correction and approval. They also receive assignments from supervising engineers on specific project components and make necessary calculations and estimates.

Many Junior Engineers provide direct day-to-day support and oversight of project elements. They may visit sites to take measurements, answer contractor questions on behalf of the supervising engineer, and serve as liaisons between engineering and construction personnel. Many Junior Engineers also develop project schedules and deliverable timelines and prepare progress reports to share with the project team. Junior Engineers work in a very collaborative environment and conduct their work with the input and oversight of contractors, technicians, and other engineers.

Though no experience in needed to become a Junior Engineer, many companies seek candidates with some experience, which can be obtained through internships or similar opportunities.

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