Junior Architect
Junior Architect

Junior Architects work under the direct supervision of an Architect or Lead Designer, helping to prepare designs, complete construction documents, write up building plans, and assist in the presentation of materials.

A Junior Architect works under the direct supervision of an Architect or Lead Designer with the goal of eventually advancing to those higher positions after additional years of experience. Junior Architects work for architecture and engineering firms and work mostly in an office setting, although they do occasionally visit construction sites.

In order to assist the project team, a Junior Architect will coordinate the details of an architectural project including building specifications and dimensions, assisting with initial project research and outlining project schedules and tasks. Alongside others on a project team, they brainstorm project ideas, complete design drawings in AutoCAD, and assist in reviewing project proposals, remaining a part of the process from conception through development. Junior Architects create proposals and complete construction paperwork for building projects and they submit all required documents and paperwork before the construction process begins to ensure projects follow legal specifications and company procedures. A Junior Architect's work is very collaborative and it is important they maintain communication with the project team. Junior Architects communicate with contractors to monitor the progress of a project and they sometimes communicate with clients, noting their requests, answering their questions, and sending them project updates.

Though no experience in needed to become a Junior Architect, many companies seek candidates with some experience, which can be obtained through internships or similar opportunities.

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