Insulation Journeyperson / Mechanic
Alternate Title: Commercial Insulator, Heat and Frost Insulator, Industrial Insulator, Insulation Mechanic, Insulator, Mechanic Insulator, Mechanical Insulator
Insulation Journeyperson / Mechanic

Insulation Journeypersons are unionized, experienced installers of insulating products that increase the thermal efficiency and performance of commercials buildings.

An Insulation Journeyperson has completed their four-year apprenticeship with the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers they now have significant knowledge, skill, and expertise in their job. Similar to an Insulation Apprentice, the Journeyperson installs insulation and air sealing material throughout commercial and industrial buildings and around vats, vessels, boilers, steam pipes, and water pipes as well as fire-stopping material to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. However, a Journeyperson works more independently than an Apprentice and is given more decision-making responsibility. A Journeyperson may also provide leadership, mentorship and training to one or more Insulation Apprentices.

Depending on the company’s specialty, an Insulation Journeyperson may specialize in one or more skilled trade: mechanical insulation, firestopping, asbestos & lead mitigation, sound attenuation, and specialty fabrication. Insulation professionals play an important role as the construction industry continues to trend toward high-performance, energy efficient, and sustainable building practices. According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers properly installed insulation can reduce the number of tons of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, prevent loss of energy, control condensation, protect occupant safety and public health and wellness, and regulate surface temperature, making a career as a Journeyperson in the insulation industry very impactful and rewarding.

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