Insulation/Air Sealing Technician
Alternate Title: Weatherization Technician
Insulation/Air Sealing Technician

Insulation/Air Sealing Technicians install products that reduce heat loss and air leakage in commercial buildings and mechanical systems.

Insulation/Air Sealing Technicians are responsible for air sealing and insulating commercial and industrial buildings. They apply insulation materials, such as loose, blanket, board, and foam insulation, to interior and exterior walls, ceilings, attics, crawl spaces, and basements. Insulation/Air Sealing Technicians wrap air ducts and water lines with insulating materials, such as duct wrap and pipe insulation, and they install storm windows or storm doors and verify proper fit. Insulation/Air Sealing Technicians might also apply spackling, compounding, or other materials to repair holes in walls.

Insulation/Air Sealing Technicians help prepare a jobsite by unloading equipment and preparing installation materials. Technicians may be required to wear an air or cartridge filter respirator throughout the installation process depending on the type of product being used. Technicians ensure that all foaming and caulking activities are complete around windows and doors. Insulation/Air Sealing Technicians must be capable of performing physical work both indoors and outdoors.

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