Energy Efficiency Technician (Residential)
Alternate Title: Weatherization Technician
Energy Efficiency Technician (Residential)

Residential Energy Efficiency Technicians install building performance measurements and collect a range of technical data to support the energy audit and home energy upgrade process.

Residential Energy Efficiency Technicians perform a variety of activities to weatherize homes and make them more energy efficient. They inspect buildings to identify required weatherization measures, including repair work, modification, or replacement. They recommend weatherization techniques to clients in accordance with needs and applicable energy regulations, codes, policies, or statutes, and test and diagnose air flow systems, using furnace efficiency analysis equipment. Many perform energy audits and advise clients on energy conservation measures.

Energy Efficiency Technicians sometimes prepare cost estimates or specifications for rehabilitation or weatherization services. Much of the work involves applying insulation materials, caulking and sealing air gaps, and installing energy efficient windows and doors, Once services for a home are determined, Energy Efficiency Technicians will complete the necessary repair work, installations and modifications to the home.

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