Energy Efficiency Technician (Commercial)
Alternate Title: Weatherization Installer, Weatherization Technician, Energy Technician, Energy Efficiency Auditor
Energy Efficiency Technician (Commercial)

Commercial Energy Efficiency Technicians assist with data collection for energy audits and installation of energy efficiency upgrades to commercial buildings and mechanical systems.

Commercial Energy Efficiency Technicians assist with identifying and measuring the amount of energy used to heat, cool, and operate a building or industrial process. They help analyze energy use and determine where energy is being lost through wasteful processes or due to inadequate building infrastructure. Commercial Energy Efficiency Technicians help implement and install corrective measures such as additional insulation, weather-stripping, glazing, or caulking; wrapping air ducts and water lines with insulating materials; and wrapping water heaters with water heater blankets. Technicians must be capable of performing physical work both indoors and outdoors.

Commercial Energy Efficiency Technician jobs are an excellent way to enter the green buildings and energy efficiency industry and gain knowledge and skills related to how commercial buildings use energy and ways to support energy cost-savings.

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