Energy Efficiency Program Assistant
Alternate Title: Energy Efficiency Program Coordinator, Energy Efficiency Program Specialist
Energy Efficiency Program Assistant

Energy Efficiency Program Assistants provide administrative support for energy efficiency programs.

Energy Efficiency Program Assistants provide support to Program Directors and other program staff by handling a variety of office and administrative tasks to ensure a program runs effectively and efficiently. Energy efficiency programs fall into three categories: direct installation, education and audits, and rebate and loan programs. They can be funded through federal, state, and local governments and utilities. These programs help drive the implementation of projects that minimize or reduce energy use. While specifics vary from program to program, savings categories frequently include financial incentives for high-performance HVAC systems and water heaters, building insulation, Energy-Star rated appliances, weatherization measures, and lighting upgrades.

Energy Efficiency Program Assistants are involved in all aspects of running a program. They review customer applications and answer customer questions about program requirements and eligibility; serve as a point of contact between program staff, contractors, vendors, lenders, community partners, and customers; and write and review reports about the program's accomplishments and community impact. Programs Assistants also help with program promotional and marketing campaigns; enter data and track progress towards goals and program outcomes; and help share results with organizational and community leaders. Program Assistants might also help monitor program expenses and run budget reports.

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