Energy Efficiency Program Director
Energy Efficiency Program Director

Energy Efficiency Program Directors lead the implementation of local, state, regional, or federal programs designed to increase the energy efficiency of residential buildings.

Energy Efficiency Program Managers are responsible for ensuring their programs run effectively and efficiently. Energy efficiency programs fall into three categories: direct installation, education and audits, and rebate and loan programs. They can be funded through federal, state, and local governments and utilities. These programs help drive the implementation of projects that minimize or reduce energy use. While specifics vary from program to program, savings categories frequently include financial incentives for high performance HVAC systems and water heaters, building insulation, Energy-Star rated appliances, weatherization measures, and lighting upgrades.

Energy Efficiency Program Managers take full responsibility for the running of their programs. They oversee program staff, subcontractors, vendors, and community partners, holding meetings regularly to ensure all expectations are met. Program Managers develop new programs and initiatives to meet the needs of their community and customers and they procure funding for current and future programs. Program Managers develop performance metrics, track progress, and evaluate their programs, assessing the performance of staff and internal processes as well as comparing the actual versus intended program impact. They may need to make program design changes or provide corrective feedback to staff or a program team. Other tasks include procuring services from subcontractors and vendors, providing progress reports to funders and community leaders, and managing budgets.

Energy Efficiency Program Managers work with marketing and promotions teams to manage all communication and outreach for the program. They develop relationships with retailers, builders, energy raters, and auditors to help promote programs and incentives.

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