Commercial Construction Foreperson
Alternate Title: Construction Foreman
Commercial Construction Foreperson

Commercial Construction Forepersons oversee all operations and workers on a commercial construction site and ensure that relevant safety standards and building codes are met.

A Commercial Construction Foreperson is responsible for ensuring that all activities at a construction site run smoothly and they act as a point of contact for other workers, supervisors, and subcontractors on the project. The responsibilities of a Commercial Construction Foreperson are wide-ranging and change from day to day. Some examples include setting priorities and a work plan for a specific day or week, creating schedules for workers and subcontractors, supervising the use of machinery and equipment on site, overseeing the quality of workmanship, and guaranteeing all safety protocol for the project are followed. Commercial Construction Forepersons ensure the project has adequate workers and other resources available to complete the project and they supervise and train workers and tradespeople as needed.

Commercial Construction Forepersons are an important part of a project's leadership team, providing updates on a project's schedule and progress. They help monitor expenditures to ensure the project remains within budget. A Commercial Construction Foreperson must have strong critical thinking and problem solving skills as they are responsible for resolving problems that arise on site and they must have a solid background in the commercial construction industry. A Commercial Construction Foreperson with additional knowledge and expertise in the green buildings and energy efficiency industry or who has a LEED Certification will be in very high demand.

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