Chief Engineer
Alternate Title: Stationary Engineer
Chief Engineer

Chief Engineers oversee entire engineering departments, leading a team as they complete various building projects. Working alongside other engineers and technicians, they approve designs, calculate costs, negotiate contracts, and execute work plans safely and efficiently.

A Chief Engineer is responsible for an entire engineering department, from approving project designs and assigning engineers and technicians to ensuring that all safety and structural standards are met throughout the completion of each project. Chief Engineers work alongside other engineers and technicians to approve plans and designs, calculate costs, negotiate contracts, and execute plans safely and efficiently. They coordinate the engineering team and assign short and long term goals to ensure successful completion of the project.

Chief Engineers evaluate all costs associated with a project including materials, cost of labor, and time expended and create a plan and budget that meets a client's needs. They oversee safety measures on the worksite during project development and review safety standards for the finished project. They also draft reports and provide data analysis for review by the project team and client. Chief Engineers manage the engineering team and oversee hiring and training of new employees.

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