Building Science Instructor
Alternate Title: Sustainability Instructor, Environmental and Sustainability Instructor, Facilities Management Instructor, Energy Management Instructor, Weatherization Instructor, Energy Instructor
Building Science Instructor

Instructors in building science and energy efficient technology bring subject matter expertise to classroom and laboratory instruction in a range of building science courses as part of professional training and education curricula.

A Building Science Instructors is inspirational leader and mentor for their students and the green buildings and energy efficiency industry. Along with providing classroom and laboratory instruction, they conduct assessment of students through applicable monitoring and reporting processes, motivating them to be the best they can be. They revise training curriculum and materials as needed, teach employability skills, and assist students with job opportunities. Building Science Instructors must adhere to all safety standards and industry practices and they are responsible for the care and maintenance of classroom and laboratory facilities, equipment, and materials. Building Science Instructors must demonstrate and maintain competence in their field and they should have excellent communication and organizational skills.

While Instructors typically work independently in the classroom with little or no supervision, they must foster and build relationships with other complimentary academic programs and instructors as well as with industry leaders and employers in their community. They also typically rely on a building science industry advisory board to ensure their programs and courses stay relevant. Building Science Instructors are advocates for the building science and energy efficiency industry as quality, high-paying jobs and in turn, build awareness and understanding of their building science program among vendors, suppliers, builders, and residential and commercial contractors and companies to improve student job placement.

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