Building Performance Crew Leader
Alternate Title: Weatherization Crew Leader
Building Performance Crew Leader

Building Performance Crew Leaders supervise the installation of energy efficiency upgrades, closely monitoring crew performance, work quality, safety, and customer needs.

A Building Performance Crew Leader provides on-site supervision for a team of Building Performance Installers and Energy Efficiency Technicians as they install insulation, energy conservation devices, windows and doors, high-performance heating and hot water systems, and make minor repairs to homes. Crew Leaders work on single family and multi-family dwellings.

Building Performance Crew Leaders are responsible for overseeing each job from start to finish and they monitor progress to ensure efficiency and quality. Prior to arriving at a site, a Building Performance Crew Leader reviews a job proposal, establishes the workplan, assigns installers to the crew, and assembles necessary equipment, tools, and materials. Once onsite, the Crew Leader coordinates with the customer, observes safety hazards and establishes safety protocol, maintains accurate inventory of materials and tools, and tracks the crew's work hours. Crew Leaders are responsible for the quality of work performed and they ensure material and equipment are installed following state and local codes and to manufacturers' specifications. Building Performance Crew Leaders usually drive the company work vehicles and are responsible for their care and upkeep.

Building Performance Crew Leaders provide on-the-job training and mentorship to their installers and technicians. They train on the proper handling and installation of materials, how to safely use hand tools, power tools, and equipment and encourage excellent customer service skills.

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