Building Performance Contractor (Commercial)
Alternate Title: Energy Performance Contractor
Building Performance Contractor (Commercial)

Commercial Building Performance Contractors run businesses that design and install energy-efficient building assemblies, lighting, and equipment to increase the energy performance and durability of commercial buildings.

Building Performance Contractors provide design and construction/installation services on commercial construction projects related to energy efficiency installations and upgrades. Projects include many different types of energy and operational improvements such as lighting retrofits, controls retrofits, HVAC upgrades, variable frequency drive (VFD) and motor replacements, and water conservation projects. Projects can range in scope and size from simple light fixture replacements to newly constructed cogeneration plants.

Many Building Performance Contractors work on projects that include renewable energy installations including rooftop solar installations, geothermal heat pumps, and natural-gas powered or hybrid fleet vehicles. Building Performance Contractors often align their companies with government agencies to promote energy efficiency best practices and innovative design strategies and benefit from government financial incentives.

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