Building Operator
Alternate Title: Utilities Operator
Building Operator

Building Operators ensure that a building's heating, cooling, mechanical and electrical equipment is running effectively. The exact duties of the building operator depend on the type of structure or structures under the operator's oversight.

A Building Operator serves many functions but most importantly, they ensure that a building's heating and cooling and mechanical and electrical equipment are running effectively and efficiently. Other duties of a Building Operator will depend, in part, on the structure or structures that need to be maintained. Building Operator duties may include inspecting the building for safety hazards and regulation violations, performing repairs, and checking the facility’s ability to operate successfully and in the most efficient manner. They may also oversee other employees who assist in making repairs to the building's equipment. Building Operators need to ensure that everything in the building is up to code and they handle the regular maintenance of the heating and cooling and electrical and mechanical equipment.

A career as a Building Operator typically requires a diploma or certification training program to gain hands-on experience in areas such as building science and energy efficiency. The primary qualification for getting a job as a Building Operator is extensive experience in maintenance or mechanical roles. Most employers prefer applicants who can repair a variety of structures and systems including HVAC and electrical systems and pipes and plumbing.

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