Building Maintenance Worker
Alternate Title: Repair Worker, Maintenance Worker
Building Maintenance Worker

Building Maintenance Workers perform general and preventative maintenance work on buildings to keep all systems in good repair.

A Building Maintenance Worker handles a variety of tasks that vary by employer, size of the facility, and skill level of the worker. Building Maintenance Workers handle repairs that do not require a specialized technician and conduct regular inspections to determine areas that need attention. Tasks that a Building Maintenance Worker might do include: replace a worn doorknob or hard-to-operate lock, replace a damaged floorboard, change a lightbulb, patch and paint a wall, or repair a leaky faucet. Building Maintenance Workers might also be responsible for inventorying stock materials and supplies and ordering new ones when necessary.

Building Maintenance Workers play an important role in ensuring buildings are running as efficiently as possible. They might change air filters in HVAC systems, caulk doors and windows to ensure they are air and water tight, or install additional insulation in walls and ceilings. Building Maintenance Workers might also be involved in researching new, high-performance building systems that could reduce a buildings electrical usage.

As Building Maintenance Workers gain more knowledge, experience, and training with the materials, methods, and tools involved in maintaining and repairing buildings, workers may begin to specialize in a specific area of building maintenance. Area specialties might include electrical or HVAC systems, carpentry, or plumbing and these specialties offer significant opportunities for advancement.

Advancement Routes