Building Engineer
Alternate Title: Building Maintenance Engineer, Building Supervisor, Building Manager
Building Engineer

Building Engineers are responsible for overseeing all building maintenance and preventative maintenance schedules in larger buildings and they directly supervise building maintenance employees.

Building Engineers are responsible for the maintenance and repairs of all types of buildings including office buildings, apartment complexes, hospitals, churches, hotels, and manufacturing facilities. Typically, their responsibilities encompass maintaining all physical aspects of a building from the structure to heating and cooling equipment to electrical systems, ensuring all systems are running efficiently.

Building Engineers must have significant knowledge in many areas of building maintenance and repair. They must have the knowledge and skill to make minor repairs to heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment as well as electrical systems such as wall outlets and light fixtures.

Building features such as heating boilers, alarm systems, swimming pools, and closed-circuit TV systems typically fall under the authority of a Building Engineer. Building Engineers often work closely with Building Managers to determine the physical needs of the buildings they operate.

Building Engineers may need knowledge related to specialized equipment in some buildings. For example, a Building Engineer for a food manufacturing facility would need additional knowledge and skills related to refrigeration equipment.

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