Building Commissioning Professional
Alternate Title: Building Commissioning Specialist, Building Commissioning Consultant, Building Automation Systems Specialist
Building Commissioning Professional

Building Commissioning Professionals ensure that building and mechanical systems meet operational and design requirements in new construction and analyze and design for the optimization of systems in existing buildings to improve building performance and energy efficiency.

The main function of Building Commissioning Professionals is to ensure the HVAC/R systems and associated controls, domestic hot water systems, lighting controls, renewable energy systems, and other energy-using building systems meet the owner's performance requirements and perform and operate as intended with maximum efficiency. This can be done on new construction projects or with existing building stock. Building Commissioning Professionals test existing building systems to investigate, analyze, and optimize their operation and maintenance to ensure their continued performance over time. Building Commissioning Professionals also consult on the building envelope, supporting facade design, detailing and analysis, and participate in testing, fabrication and construction of the envelope. They advise architects and clients on building enclosure performance, constructability, and durability.

The work of a Building Commissioning Professional ideally begins early in the design phase of a building project and continues through the construction and operations phases, culminating in the testing of the installed systems from project completion through the contractor’s warranty period. Building Commissioning Professionals do not function as an additional layer of construction or project management but rather confirm that the planning, design, construction and operational processes are meeting established owner goals and will result in a high-quality building. As building systems and codes grow more complex and reliant on system integration, building owners are increasingly turning to Building Commissioning Professionals to ensure the completed building provides optimized levels of energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and occupant comfort, as well as reduced operation and maintenance costs.

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